Canibeat Monthly Meet + Cars n Boba

Canibeat Monthly Meet
Cars n Boba
Sup guys!
So I haven't attended a meet in a while so I decided it was time to change that!
Yesterday was Canibeat's Monthly Meet in Fremont and I decided to attend. It was a very good turn out, lots of nice cars, it really reminded me of what I had been missing out on lately in the car scene. That same night was a Cars n Boba meet at the ABC Store in San Jose so I decided to just head straight from the Canibeat meet to there. The meet kicked off well, with many cars showing up and lots of people but i got shut down only an hour into the meet because losers started revving there engines and doing burnouts, prompting the police to shut it down!
Guys. Let us review car meet procedure:

1. Do not rev your engine. It makes you look like a D-Bag and attracts cops.
2.  Do no do burnouts for the same reasons aforementioned.
3.Do not rev!
4. Do not do stuff that will make the cops come, make you look like a show-off or just in general will attract unwanted attention.
^4 Simple rules people!

Anyways. Pics are below, obviously I did not have time to take many pics at the Cars n Boba meet, but alot of the cars from the Canibeat Meet were at the Cars n Boba meet anyways.

^The Ill Fated Cars n Boba Meet Turnout


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