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Auxito 4Runner Halogen to LED Bulb Conversion!

 Hello Everyone,

Today I had the opportunity to install Auxito LED headlights on a 2020 TRD Off-Road 4Runner!

Install was nice and easy, and seen in my video below. 

But first, lets talk about the LED bulbs themselves:
Type: H11 H8 H9 LED Headlight Bulbs
Wattage: 120W
Lumens Per Set: 24000
Color: 6500K Cool White

Install is very easy:
1. Remove plastic covering for low beams by twisting and popping off the cover
2. Remove the stock halogen bulb
3. Unclip the halogen bulb from the harness
4. Plug in the new Auxito LED bulb
5. Replace the LED bulb in the spot where the halogen bulb was
6. Re-install the plastic covering removed in step 1
7. Enjoy your new LED bulbs!

I have a video of the install below!

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MillerCat Cat Shield Review

I have been seeing more and more posts about the Millercat Cat Shield so I wanted to weigh in. In my opinion, the purpose of the shield isn't just to protect the cat in a physical sense but also in a mental sense. I look at it as putting an alarm and cover on a motorcycle. Yeah, it can be bypassed. But the goal is, you want to make it inconvenient enough that the robber will say, "Nevermind, I will go for an easier score." That is my main goal for the shield, and I believe it will do that.

Installation was nice and easy, no additional holes needed to be drilled. I am not a very big person, so I was able to install it under my stock 2022 TRD OR without even having to lift up the truck. I installed it properly, no vibrations or any sort of indication that the shield is there.
I do have an install video if anyone is interested. (Below)

You can order the shield from here (They support both 2.5 and 3.5 4x4 and 2WD):
Use the coupon code: ROBSAUTOS for 5% off! (If you use the link above, I believe it is already applied)

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RVD Haus Valt Auto Club Meet 9/20/2020


 RVD Haus Valt Auto Club Meet 9/20/2020

By: Robert Menjivar (@TheRobLife) 9/20/2020

RVD Haus and Valt Auto Club collaborated for an awesome car meet at the USS Hornet in Alameda!

The sun was shining and the cars were out in full force! I love the area because it has plenty of parking and the awesome carriers in the background providing for an excellent photo backdrop!

Click Here for Pics!

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EuroUnion Euro Sunday


 EuroUnion Euro Sunday 8/30/2020

By: Robert Menjivar (@TheRobLife) 8/30/2020

With quarantine, it is hard finding car meets. So with the EuroUnion Euro Sunday meeting happening you were guaranteed to get a huge turnout as restless people get out of their houses to look at some nice cars!
It was an awesome meet as there were so many cars in attendance that were sure to appeal to anyone, despite the Euro focus during the meet. 

Click for all of the Pics!

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Fuel Supply Co Cars and Coffee


 Fuel Supply Co Cars and Coffee 2/29/2020

By: Robert Menjivar (@TheRobLife) 2/29/2020

The Fuel Supply Co Cars and Coffee was an awesome meet! Fuel Supply Co. is a storefront set up by some true old school car enthusiasts who also take some amazing photos. As such, I knew attending their car meet would guarantee some amazing cars and the meet did not dissapoint!

Click to See all the Pics!

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Cars and Coffee San Francisco 2/22/2020


 Cars and Coffee San Francisco 2/22/2020

By: Robert Menjivar (@TheRobLife) 2/22/2020

Treasure Island. 

It is a place I will always have a soft sport for as one of the venues for the original Cars and Coffee locales in the Bay Area. As such, I am always extremely happy to attend car meets that are held there!

This was a nice meet, definitely had a nice variety of cars! Check out the pics!

Click for all of the Pics!

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