Blox Open House 2012


Blox Open House 2012
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Blox OH 2012 was a big hit!
On July 17th in Fremont, was the Annual Blox Open House 2012 Event!
The weather was awesome, the food trucks were great and the crowds were huge! Cars of all makes and models gathered to show off what they had and the variety of cars delivered! From Civics to Mercedes there were cars to please any car enthusiast who visited the show. This is one of the events I look forward to every year and all this even did was make me even more excited for the next one. A big thanks to Blox Racing for hosting the event and all of the cars and car groups that came out!
My only wish was that I had more time to walk around see all the cars! *my apologies to all those cars I did not get, I was on a time constraint and only got to do one walk around of all the cars!*
Some Pics! *More If You Click Here!*