Terra Nova 6th Annual Classic Car Show


Terra Nova Classic Car Show 2012
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No school, parties, the beach....but the best part? Classic Car Show time.
My old high school Terra Nova holds an annual car show to support the Terra Nova Industrial Department, Auto Shop and Wood Shop, and this years show did not dissapoint.
The show was a success as the turn out this year was huge!
Classics were everywhere, throughout the day all you could hear was the sound of V8's growling and the crowd having a good time. For the kids there was even a kid friendly section, where the adults could drop their kids off, with jumpers and snacks for the kids to have a good time while the adults got to look around and relive their past.
Basically to sum it all up; the sun was shining, people were enjoying themselves, cars were plentiful and the show was a great kick starter to another car show filled Summer!
Here are some pics! *more if you click here*