Cars and Coffee San Francisco 9/5/2015


Cars and Coffee San Francisco 9/5/2015

By: Robert Menjivar 9/5/2015

Cars and Coffee San Francisco!
Today was the usual monthly Cars and Coffee San Francisco car meet, and as usual everyone brought out their cars to support the event and the cause. 

One noticeable addition to Cars and Coffee this month was the Koenigsegg Agera R, a fine Swedish super car with a base price of $1.3 Million.
So understandably, it was quite a big deal.

But this is no reason to discount the other cars that were in attendance, a Dodge Viper club came out to support the event resulting in an impressive +20 Viper line up!
As a car enthusiast myself, it was nice to be able to bring out my 2015 Mustang GT that I recently acquired, I definitely got plenty of inspiration on what to do to make the Mustang stand out!

To sum up the meet, it was awesome. Exotics, Muscle, Import and Euro everywhere you looked and it proved that at every Cars and Coffee San Francisco you will be able to find something that will satisfy everyone!

Video of the Event

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