Cars and Coffee San Francisco Treasure Island 1 year Anniversary


Cars and Coffee San Francisco Treasure Island

By: Robert Menjivar 6/7/2015

Cars and Coffee!
That one show that all of us car people love.
Where else can you go to a show and in every direction you turn see a $100K^ vehicle? 
McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Lotus are just a few of the high priced brands you will see at the usual Cars and Coffee event. 
This particular Cars and Coffee was actually the 1 year anniversary for Cars and Coffee San Francisco, it definitely does feel like time flies doesn't it?

Just to make everything extra cool, I have also recorded video of the event! Courtesy of my GoPro mounted on my DSLR.

Onto the pics!
Click Here For All of the Pics

And here is the video I made of the event.