Derrick Ward Annual Car Show


Derrick Ward Annual Car Show

By: Robert Menjivar 4/12/2015

Everyone probably knows someone who has passed away or had their life affected by cancer, whether that person is their neighbor, friend or loved one.
On April 2007 Derrick Ward, founding president of Low Creations Car Club, San Francisco's first lowrider car club, passed away from battling Pancreatic Cancer. In memory of Derrick Ward every year car enthusiasts from all over the Bay Area come out to attend the Derrick Ward Annual Memorial Car Show and show their support in the fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Bake sales, raffles and other stands are on site raising money for fighting Pancreatic Cancer.

The car show was great, cars were constantly rolling in!
Muscle Cars, Low Riders, Motorcycles all came out and were there in full force.
Car's were constantly rolling in and out, all you could hear were the roaring sounds of V8's, whirs of Hydraulics and of course old-school music just to set the mood right. 

A big thanks to the creators of the event, it was a very good event, everyone came out and had a good time and more importantly, showed their support in the fight against pancreatic cancer.