5 Things I Hate About The Car Scene

The car scene is a very interesting group of people.
It can be broken down into:
60% Chill People
20% Douche Bags
15% Sheep
5% Little Dogs, Usually of a Yorkie or Corgi Type

And it is due to this I feel like making this article. Obviously everyone probably doesn't hate the same 5 things as I do and that is cool too!
*List is in no particular order*

1. JDM/USDM/Euro Elitists. Or any particular brand elitism for that matter.
 These people are irritating. "Eat Rice. Build Muscle" says the USDM guy. "P.O.S. Burnout guy probably can't take turns in his American P.O.S." says the JDM guy. "Euro guys are douchebags" says both the JDM and USDM people.
Way I see it is if any one particular manufacturer was the best than wouldn't everyone be buying it? Everyone has their preferences, who are we to think ours is best?
I will admit I used to be a mainly JDM guy, if it didn't have Honda, Toyota or Nissan on it then I didn't like it....but that's boring. Only seeing one side of the equation at all times is never a good way to look at stuff.
Closed minds are never fun.

2. Hating on Other Peoples Rides.
Why so much hate? Just because the car isn't how you like it then by fact its horrible?
The car scene was always about expressing your taste in cars the way you want it, not by modding your car the way others like it. I am in no way saying that we should like every car, but is their a need to bash it openly and hate?
I go on forums and people put up their rides and all I see is bashing "your cars too high its ridiculous" "your cars too low its horrible" "your wheels suck". It is ridiculous.
I got a better idea. If you don't like someone elses car and it bothers you so much then how about YOU buy them everything you want their car to have to make it look nice to you?
Simple solution. No?

3. Show Offs at Car Meets/Shows.
We all see them, that one guy who just has to either enter or leave the meet revving and doing burnouts. Do we need him?
Those are the people that get our meets and shows shut down, its simple cause and effect really, here let me try to show you:
Burnouts > Cops Come > Cops Watch > Cops See More Burnouts > Cops Close Down Meet.
Simple. I mean what do you expect to happen if you leave like a douche bag? An auto shop to come chasing after you and say, "Hey man your burnouts are so cool let us sponsor you with free parts?".

4. Judging People For What They Drive.
This is ridiculous, makes me feel like we are in high school.
Way too often do I see people judge others knowledge on cars based on what they drive. You don't have to drive a built up car to show that you know about cars and neither does anyone else. Sometimes the guy with the fully built car might not know more then the guy who rolled up in a 1994 Corolla.
Same goes for the astigmatism that is attached to certain cars, not every Civic is driven by a stupid kid and not every muscle car is driven by a doughnut doing free-revving douche bag.
It isn't the cars fault who it ends up with.

5. Dogs At Car Shows.
Yes! Your little dog looks so cool with a brand emblem on its leash or vest or whatever. And yes it does behave around people well. But PLEASE pick up after your dogs at meets or shows. It is beyond irritating to walk around the outside shows and meets and see dog feces on the ground, especially when it has been stepped on.
Don't wanna pick up after it? Leave Fido/Apple/Kujo at home.

And that's it. I probably missed some. Sound off below!


Unknown said...

You left out negative, condescending,complaining duchbags

I agree, too many people thinking their own rides are hella sick and putting down others for them...I don't know why I forgot that one.