1967 Mustang Shoot

1967 Mustang

So there is this spot that I always drive by every day on the way home and I always said
"this would be a cool spot for a photoshoot"
and I figured since I now have a car to do a shoot with...why not!

Dad picked up the Mustang last week, it's in pretty decent shape so I will probably be taking it to classic shows after we clean it up a bit, look out for it at the shows!
Probably going to keep it mostly stock, just update some of the older stuff such as wiring and electrical to make it a bit more modern.
I am really looking forward though to start working on it, kinda missed having a car to work on.
Pics Below!
P.S.:If you are wondering when am I going to actually start messing with the Z....soon >:)


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God blesss